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About Us

About Us

The Outcome

WING is on a mission to provide creative holistic development programmes, interactive learning tools and scientifically proven exercises to educational institute, Government and private training centres with contemporary and innovative learning methods, new generation multimedia software and latest equipment.


Children have an innate capacity for creativity, and it is our duty to give them the space, materials, and opportunities to develop their creativity. Our programme fosters kids' imaginations to make creativity a habit.

Our mission

Experiential learning through creative means and a kinaesthetic approach is needed to make learning more engaging, interactive, and palatable for all children, especially millions of India's underprivileged.

Our Vision

Learning is right not privilege for the elite few. To unlock once true potential and become the best version of one's true self.

Our Focus Areas

Make learning engaging, fun, and holistic at an affordable price to create an ecosystem that nurtures all types of intelligence—cognitive, logical, interpersonal, intra - personal, imaginative, and emotional.

Multiple intelligence

Curiosity is one of the many reasons multiple intelligences are crucial for complete development. Kids can stay active and consider different perspectives. They can think about physics with a musical lens and biology through a kinaesthetic approach.

Redefining Teaching and Learning

Education cannot be treated as a commodity to be mass-produced; rather, it must be tailored to the specific needs of each student. Similarly, the government's NEP 2020 reforms aim to move the country in this general direction in terms of its educational system. They advocate for more "holistic" education and interdisciplinary learning. This proves that our course of action is appropriate.

The Why ?

Due to the abundance of information, modern children need less creativity and imagination in both school and life. Traditional education emphasises rote learning and theoretical knowledge. Thus, imagination-based learning programmes are needed to teach kids new skills and how to apply, internalise, and implement them. Through our program,  They learn to transform an idea into a product for a complete learning experience.

The what ?

To bridge the ever-widening gap between information-based learning and imaginative learning, we created and empirically tested a set of programmes for children that emphasises interactive and fun-based learning. Because both processes have advantages, we have devised a way to provide them together. These courses emphasise the value of imagination, as well as emotional and creative intelligence, in today's technology-driven world.

How does it work ?

We're a research-driven company. After training 1000 students and getting their feedback, we tested and redesigned our product. We also tailor our content according to the institute or individual child, if needed. Our trainers have been tested and trained on three distinct verticals.

The solution emphasises teaching children to internalise concepts and express themselves without fear of judgement. We believe that’s the start of a holistic learning experience for a child’s mind. And the outcome of our product demonstrates that we have done so with remarkable success.

When did it begin ?

We started with skill-based training for students of all ages. Where we discovered the need for a four-vertical programme.

What is unique

Meet Our Team

Samarth Lahri

Screenwriter and Filmmaker

Samarth Lahri is a seasoned screenwriter and filmmaker with 20 years of experience in the film industry and 10 years in education. He is the head of product development with wing thinking lab. He is on the mission to make creativity a norm for every kid, so they can unlock their maximum potential to lead a happy and blossom life.

Nikita Maheshwari


Nikita is a software specialist and a genuine taskmaster who oversees WING's operations. She is a serial entrepreneur who managed businesses ranging from a production studio to a skill development lab before discovering her life's calling with WING.

Meet Our Team

The Outcome.

Kids will design their personal outcome as the program is a great mix of independent as well group learning exercises.

Program enables Kids to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior to achieve their goals.

Kids learn to set their priorities right as they will execute an idea from inception to completion.

Kids look for unseen possibilities attached with any idea to become an independent thinker.

Kids get to present & communicate their ideas in the best possible way.

Kids internalize to understand the important social, mental and civic concepts like equality, humanity, empathy, depression etc.

Kids will turn their constructive & abstract thoughts into a life to understand their mind better.

Kids Become a better human after they internalize & exercise thoughts like empathy, humanity, Moral Values etc.

Our Vision

We acknowledge that all members of our community including children, families and teachers have rights and all interactions.

Our Mission

Tje Wing is a vibrant learning community where families, staff and The University of Queensland work together.
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Our trainers

Ankit Shukla

Shashank Vishwakarma

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