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Watch your students’ creativity blossom as they take part in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fun and imaginative video-making experience.


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media-skill courses

Mass-media, Multimedia, and Media Literacy are some skills CBSE has introduced for grades VI to XII to enhance creativity. But how can you ensure your students get upskilled in the right way? How can you equip your teachers to transfer the right knowledge?

Sharpen your teaching arsenal

We provide visual support to the school and trainer for the entire curriculum in the form of visual presentations and videos to make students understand the concepts better and with ease. We also design the activities with a step-to-step guidebook for students.

Conduct exams with confidence

We take complete responsibility for designing test papers & exam papers to be conducted by the school. We also provide assistance to evaluate exam sheets with reference answers & marking guidelines.

Build proficiency

We provide dedicated training to the school’s appointed trainer to teach this course. Alongside, we also facilitate expert workshops & industrial visits.

Hardware & software support

We guide the school to make decisions to buy software, camera, and computer setup needed to run these courses. Through advance booking, a school can book a telephonic or digital meeting with our technical experts. We can also assist with building a Studio Lab .

Why do you need Video Lab at your educational institute?

Media library

School builds its own visual library, which can be used for marketing & promotions

New dimension to teaching

Adopt a new teaching method that complements arts, dance and other forms of creativity development

Upskill learners

Enable technical proficiency & digital media skills needed in today's technology-driven world

All-round development

Promote collaboration, communication, creativity, empathy and self-expression amongst students

Competent, confident students

Expose students to new skills and fields, and build self-confidence

Learning aid

Facilitate deeper understanding of concepts (internalization) and articulation

Loved by 30+ schools & 5000+ students

“Such interactions not only enhance the learning experience but also foster a more engaging and dynamic educational environment. It’s great t see such positive developments in students.”

Ankita Shah

Allon Public School, CG

“It’s encouraging to use that the content and materials from WING are proving to be user-friendly and beneficial. The impact of sessions can be significant, especially following the guidance of an expert like Samarth sir.”

Disha Sharma

Riverdale School, CG

“This kind of educational innovation is crucial for developing the skills necessary for success in the 21st century, where creative problem- solving is highly valued across various fields.”

Seema Jha

J P International School, Kanker

“Engaging students in film and video production is indeed a powerful educational tool. It not only sparks their imagination but also sharpens their critical thinking skills for future world.”

Shimpi Choudhry

Kanger Valley Academy, Raipur

“As Students learn to tell stories through visual media, they develop a deeper understanding of narrative structure, character development, and the impact of visual storytelling. This hands-on experience will be preparing them for a future challenges and opportunities.”

Priya Sachdeva

Columbia Global School, Raipur

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